A little video of Notch officially launching Minecraft.

MineCon has been a wonderful celebration of the game and a great opportunity to meet and interview a range of indie developers and community leaders. 

Keep an eye out for some of the interviews and more MineCon musings in episode 2 of 99 Coins - out before the end of the month.

Last night we went along to Soho to play Slingshot’s Hounded. A live-action chase game in which teams of players race to sniff their way to victory. Fortunately we were joined by indie games designer Peter Silk (@SurplusGamer) which all but guaranteed us victory.

As foxes our objective was to follow the scent trail of unlabeled pads sprayed with various scents and tied to lampposts. The titular Hounds were our enemies, armed with dogs their job was to track us down and steal our tails. Once a fox loses a tail he too becomes a Hound, and can help his teammates by ‘killing’ rival foxes.

Being in Soho, the rowdy crowds, impatient traffic and other non-Hounded smells made keeping track of scents a thrilling challenge. Being chased by actual dogs is terrifying, and in turn getting to chase other proper grownups around London once you’d become a Hound was amazing.  

Did our impromptu pub interview turn out OK? Did we win? Look out for more on Hounded in the next episode of 99 Coins where all will be revealed.

Recently unearthed #WildRumpus footage of a J. S. Joust match, with our very own @benmilsom winning spectacularly!

99 Coins - Episode 1 - Introductions

For the first ever episode of 99 Coins we are joined by Honeyslug’s Ricky Haggett and Size Five Games’ Dan Marshall to discuss what we mean by indie games, why we’re so excited about them and why you should be too.

We also cover phsyics-based classic Armadillo Run and plenty of GameCity antics including Phil Fish’s Fez-womb and a run down on two non-video-videogames - Johann Sebastian Joust and Cat On Yer Head!

Have you got a game recommendation, comments of questions? Then get in touch with us on Twitter at @99Coins or email at 99Coins@BBC.com.

Ricky Haggett - Co-Founder of Honeyslug and @KommanderKlobb
Dan Marshall - Size Five Games and @danthat

99 Coins Team:
Ben Milsom – Host - @benmilsom
Max Engel – Host - @8bitkid
Mark Shaw – Producer/Editor - @marky

Games and Links:
Armadillo Run   
Johann Sebastian Joust
Cat On Yer Head
The Wild Rumpus